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What You Need to Know About Massage Therapy

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Going to the first massage and worried, like before a first date? Perhaps you hesitate to undress in front of strangers? Or worry that massage you will be unpleasant. Worried that the back pain becomes unbearable?

In this article you will find answers to the most urgent questions about the procedure.

So stop worry and relax - otherwise there will be no benefit.

1. What do I need a massage?

There are many types of massage. The most common - a Swedish massage. He has a therapeutic effect and perfectly relaxes muscles. Other popular types of massage: deep - affects even the smallest muscles, shiatsu, hot stones or stone therapy and Thai massage. You can also choose a special - a sports massage or massage for pregnant women, if you are in position.

2. How to choose a massage therapist?

Massage should make the expert with a medical background. If you are looking for a massage therapist to declare, pay attention to the presence of a diploma of secondary or higher education and ask about experience. In addition, it must have special equipment, if you are pregnant, have diabetes, or if you have cancer.

A true professional will inquire about your medical condition, even if you come on a regular relaxing massage. He patiently answered all your questions, and will listen to any of your wishes.

3. If you want to do massage?

Before you go for a massage, decide what days, will be able to find this important time of the procedure. It is not necessary to go for a massage right after dinner and right before the meal. Benefits of massage will be more, if you for some time after it will not eat anything.

4. Can the massage will eliminate the disease?

Therapeutic massage is very wide range, from low pressure to headaches. Studies have shown that this procedure can reduce pain in sufferers of cancer and Parkinson's disease. Massage also helps to relieve stress is excellent and has a general healing effect.

However, if you have a serious illness, first consult with your doctor.

5. Do I need to undress completely?

You can take off her clothes as much as you want. Massage can be done through clothing, but the effect will be less. In the office there is a special corner or a place behind the screen, where you can undress and leave their belongings. On the couch specialist postelet terry ruchnik.Kab you were not cold, that part of the body over which the therapist does not work, it also will be covered with a towel.

6. Can the massage hurt?

In general, the massage should not hurt. But if all of a sudden you have any discomfort, immediately tell your specialist. You never have to suffer during the session. Massage should be fun, not a pain. Yes, it can be very sensitive, but never painful.

7. Do I need to say something during the massage?

It all depends on you. Some people prefer to enjoy the procedure by listening to pleasant music, others do not mind to support the easy dialogue. In any case, tell about their preferences masseur. Regardless of whether you love to talk, or vice versa silent during the massage, be sure to inform the specialist if you are cold, hot, uncomfortable, painful, or just do not like sounding music.

8. What if I fall asleep?

Feel relaxed after a massage is quite normal. Sometimes this condition can last and day. But this healthy relaxation, like you have just walked outside or went out of the steam room. It explained all increase levels of serotonin and endorphin.

But do not expect that after a massage procedure you disappear chronic back problems or other chronic pain. In such cases, massage only part of a complex treatment, which is sure to yield positive results if you work professional.

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