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Cellulite Massage

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Cellulite massage helps to eliminate cellulite in a natural, effective and comfortable way that is excess fat in certain parts of the body - mainly the abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks - that the body cannot get rid of.

One of the most intensive types of massage. Most of the fat is stored in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and upper arms, so we concentrate on this part. To stimulate metabolism and lymphatic circulation, a variety of traps and instruments can be used. From dry brush rubbing (which can stand as a stand-alone massager), oily kneading, sliding cupping, ultrasonic greasing, and winding the treated surface. The result is firmer and smoother skin. The most effective is cure-like treatment.

When is it recommended?

For anyone who wants to prevent cellulite, reduce, eliminate it.
Anyone who wants to have a smoother, firmer skin.
For those who want to stop stagnation and improve their slower metabolism,
Support blood and lymphatic circulation
Shape lines

When not recommended?

In feverish condition - inflammation
skin ulcers
Acute heart failure
During the first few days of menstruation
Bleeding disorders
Infectious diseases
pregnant measures

What will happen?

After arrival we will discuss what you want to change, what parts you are dissatisfied with, what nutrition, how much fluid intake. Measure the circumference of the body part.

The guest is in lingerie, covered and only the treated area is covered.

You can choose between mechanical ultrasound or handheld, multi-device massage. The manual dry brush starts with rubbing, which holds itself in place as a massage, and then, on the oiled skin, alternating grease breaking and kneading. The effect can be enhanced with a variety of creams, gels and oils. In the meantime, I also do sliding cupping. Then wrap in foil, cover and keep the area warm.

Vibration massage can also be performed through the foil.

During the processes, I also incorporate lymphatic massage traps to eliminate the substances that are not needed. The foil can be left on the body as needed, which can be removed by anyone at home if they feel that the active ingredient is not working.

Application in massage

When the body is subjected to kneading, stroking and rubbing, the skin's metabolism and blood circulation become more intense, and the oxygen supply to the subcutaneous connective tissue improves, which aids in the removal of toxins. As a result of accelerated circulation, the body's fat burning process is enhanced. It strengthens loose connective tissues, restores their elasticity and tightens the skin.

Our body dry massage is invigorating: it stimulates blood circulation, improves blood supply, helps metabolism. Massage all body parts: legs, feet, soles, knees, thighs, hips, buttocks, right and left arms, hands, forearms, upper arms, palms, shoulders, torso, back. We can do this daily at home, before bathing.